Designer crush Kit Kemp


I’d like to honor my second blog post to my design hero.

In 2008 by chance I had an opportunity to stay at Haymarket Hotel London, and it was there, my love and appreciation for design was ignited! I will never forget how I felt waking in that room, even with the worst jet lag, and at that moment everything changed.

I immediately jumped to my feet feeling happy and extremely inspired by the space. I was so excited saying to my husband wow, love, love love! I loved everything about it, what I saw, what I touched and how I felt. I wanted to stay in that room forever, to touch, feel and understand every surface. Who was this person who created such a room to have this impact on me? I had never felt this before in any space.

I immediately had to explore the other spaces the hotel had to offer. The Library room was so amazing, it made me want to get chatty with my husband over tea and share about my new discovery and love for all things now in the wonderful world of the Kit Kemp.

The grand event spaces & hotel lobby delivered too. The hotel that just kept on giving and is still giving.

Kit Kemp wasn’t afraid to mix colours, patterns & textures and she does it so well. Too damn well!

And the power from a well designed space was so thrilling.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing or staying in one of the  Firmdale Hotels, designed by Kit Kemp you can lose yourself in the Kit Kemp book, A Living Space. In the book, Kit shares her inspiration, dares you to challenge yourself, to have no boundaries, to be bold and suggests how to create a space using objects and textiles that will make anyone want to just reach out and touch.

MC x

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