DOC 2014 Conference, Ivy Ballroom Sydney

Lonsec 1-77Lonsec 3-68Lonsec 3-67Lonsec 4-39Lonsec 2-126Lonsec 1-105Lonsec 3-66

The Ivy made for the perfect backdrop for the recent collaboration of SuperRatings and Lonsec DOC 2014 Conference.

In it’s seventh year the conference underwent a rebrand and found a new location, Sydney. The event is designed to challenge, provoke and inspire those of the wealth creation industry.

Guests were asked to experience the conference like no other, to move within the space, to be inspired, challenged and provoked by the brand.

The conference boasts a high profile roll call and adding to this list on Tue 14 Oct was The Hon Peter Costello and the very real Tara Moss.

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